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dim3 Versions / Web-Shooter Alpha 5
« on: December 19, 2016, 03:05:08 PM »
Early Christmas!

There's not much to say, this is just how far I've gotten.  Light maps default to off (you can turn them on with a check box.)  They are slow, and running it a couple times shows what it can do, as you might not get everything at once.

Note, this is still super alpha.  I might throw a lot of it away, I might build on this, but it's a playable game at this point!  Also, auto-generated sound effects!

(Chrome or FireFox at this point, Safari tech preview should work.)

[>] Brian

dim3 Versions / Web-Shooter Alpha 5
« on: July 04, 2016, 01:22:20 PM »
Again, there's a long way to go, I just put up versions when I'm at a good breaking point.  This is a look if you are curious kind of thing.  NOTE: Chrome or FF.  Safari is missing mouse control (and can be slow) and it fails in Edge due to bugs in their WebGL implementation I need to tell them about :)  In Chrome or FF it runs great.

* start page now has complete configuration settings
* room decorations can now be mixed
* added pipe decorations
* machine decorations don't have cables in open ceiling rooms
* larger decorations are no longer allowed to block lights
* a bunch of fixes to how gravity works in the phyics
* liquid flag wasn't working properly
* fixed a bug where generator would not get even distribution of monster types
* blobs have must larger body size ranges and no longer require heads
* fixed a bug random body changes could open up seams
* animal model types have improved heads
* humanoid models have random back hunches
* some models can have limbs but no toes or fingers
* liquid and damage tinting
* monsters turning was broken, and can now face placer when idling
* fixed some math problems between model generation and coordinate systems
* better monster stalking
* lots of clean up in the entity code to commonize all the movement routines between entities
* all entities have acceleration/deceleration
* swimming physics and updated flying physics
* auto-jump out of liquids
* setting for meshes to have simple bounds collision geometery
* better colluded polygon remover
* monsters can get in fights over damage
* animation on animal type model legs are better
* different random speeds, acceleration, turns, etc for monsters
* monsters randomly have ability to fire
* add ability for projectiles to have different lobs and bounce settings (monsters only now)

[>] Brian

dim3 Versions / Web-Shooter Alpha 4
« on: May 23, 2016, 06:38:13 PM »
I might just start updating it without alerting anybody, as I usually just keep it up to date every once and a while if I need some testing done.  But two big things here!

As before, same URL:

* lot of clean up in the code (as always, I'm now finalizing how certain code will work as I get systems done)
* updates to textures (they are less gloomy, a bit more random, and have a bit more color to them, I'm not doing doom3)
* sky boxes, sky textures (pretty early version, needs work), and open ceilings in places so you can see them
* liquid textures, and liquids (no liquid physics yet, so you can get trapped in liquids as there's no way to swim out)
* bunch of map updates to allow lower levels for liquids and the connectors for those levels
* update object collision to be more wrapped around central core of models
* better whips and some small updates for models

[>] Brian

dim3 Versions / Web-Shooter Alpha 3
« on: May 04, 2016, 06:13:11 PM »
This is an update that I put up just so I can get some testing done by some folks on different systems.  There's some fun stuff to look at, but I'm really just in the weeds trying to put together all the parts of the system I need, so there won't be a lot of updates as I just do the hard work of making a game.

As always, I recommend newest Chrome or FF.  It's slow in Safari, and you can't do free look.  Changes:

1. Free look and mouse control
2. Because mouse hiding/relative movement can only be activated by a click, the game now has a paused state (of which it starts)
3. Lots of bug fixes and updates
4. Slightly improved modeling
5. Improved door placement so they aren't in the middle of empty areas
6. Lots of improvement to collisions and monster sizes
7. Monsters can have projectiles now
8. Started the necessary parts for randomized projectiles/weapons/monster AI (not functioning yet)
9. Implemented health

It's getting to be something a bit more playable now.

[>] Brian

Scruffy3D / Scruffy3D Download!
« on: March 27, 2016, 05:11:09 PM »
Hey everybody, it just crossed me that people haven't been able to play this, and I'm really proud of it (as should others that helped out) ... I'll have a PC version up in the next day or so, here's the mac version:

[>] Brian

dim3 Versions / Web-Shooter Alpha 2
« on: March 09, 2016, 09:40:50 PM »
I've updated the web shooter.  Still, obviously, alpha, but it's a playable game now, and tons of new system, new optimizations, and pretty much everything is in this.

A couple things that aren't dynamic yet:
1. Weapon models
2. Projectile models
3. Projectile physics
4. AI (hard set to just activate and track you)

The sounds (what few there are) are auto-generated, but not randomly, so they don't change.

All that will be fixed, but everything else works great.

Arrow keys and ASWD to move, Q to fire, space to jump, and M to turn on the map.  You will need the latest and the greatest browsers to test, I've run it on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox (don't have Edge to test.)

[>] Brian

dim3 Versions / Web-Shooter Alpha 1
« on: March 06, 2015, 09:47:28 AM »
Just as some of you are curious, here's my alpha of web-shooter.

NOTE: This is all brand new, just started stuff.  Don't judge it harshly!

Alright, arrow keys to move, home/end or insert/delete to go up down, page up/down to look.  There is no physics, you are basically in fly through mode.

You need a modern browser (IE11, chrome, firefox, safari.)

When it first starts, it picks two random numbers.  This the the bitmap and map seeds.  After it makes a map, you can change these seeds and hit refresh (refreshing the entire page gives you new random seeds.)  The same seed gives the same results.

It can sometimes make a crappy map, and sometimes a great one.  There's NO lighting yet, so the shaders are all funky.

A good seed:
bitmap = 3035375625
map = 3753621850

This is basically all about dynamic generation.  Everything you see, from bitmaps to map, are dynamically generated.  There's bump and spec maps, too, but with no lighting, they aren't obvious.

[>] Brian

Idle Chatter / UT4 / Auto Generator
« on: February 08, 2015, 07:04:21 PM »
Now that UT4 is in alpha (and free, and community driven) I was thinking of dropping by the forum and seeing if there's anything dim3 related they might be able to use, and was thinking that I could tear out the auto-generation part -- knowing full well the limitations of them -- and devise some sort of tool that anybody could use in any development environment to make starter or prototype maps.


The auto-generating stuff was always my favorite thing to play with.  Heck, I could redo it in JavaScript (yes, that seems silly -- but it doesn't need to be lighting fast, and it needs to be as cross-platform as possible.)

[>] Brian

dim3 Versions / dim3 v24 Release
« on: July 02, 2014, 07:04:07 AM »
Next release, this list isn't big but the things I've done represent a lot of updates to important parts of the system.  The rag dolls are pretty preliminary, they need a lot more bone information to work properly, but all the important math and animations are there.  Transparency is better handled, but as described before, it'll be slower on modern system and won't always be perfect (no real time system is.)  A lot of stuff in the auto-generator, a lot of small fixes in Editor.

The demo project is still the same.


Code: [Select]
 * initial rag doll support
 * animation changes automatically smoothly reset rag dolls
 * fixed a crashing bug where removed projectiles could have remaining pointers in hit structures
 * joining now has a custom host tab for hosts not in the host list
 * static chase camera needs same > 180 to negative X flip as regular chase camera
 * models are now transparency sorted
 * added xxx.model.animation.ragDollStart(forcePos,force,needReset,msec) to start rag dolls
 * added xxx.model.animation.ragDollRandom(needReset,msec) to start random rag dolls
 * added xxx.model.animation.ragDollClear() to clear rag doll changes

 * "rotate polygon UV" was mislabeled "reset polygon UV" in the menu
 * goto selection now rise up or down if view is top/bottom
 * deleting/adding texture frames, light/reflection maps texture changes all speed up
 * tons of auto-generator additions and updates
 * OS X scrolling works better when zoomed out (was OK on windows)
 * some fixes to the set mesh normal in/out functions
 * models are now transparency sorted
 * model texture palette changes
    * reflects any selected polygons
    * click a texture resets it to any selected polygons

[>] Brian

Idle Chatter / Crowd Sourced UT
« on: May 09, 2014, 05:30:01 AM »
This is a good idea!

It'll depend on how strong the base package is, but I've played a lot of fun community UT maps so this could be a real winner, and it also has the habit of locking people into their engine and building a community.

[>] Brian

Idle Chatter / The "about me"
« on: May 08, 2014, 07:47:12 PM »
Is just a place for that single topic, just so I don't self-promote all over the place when I'm looking to push something.  It can probably get a bit tiresome :)

[>] Brian

About Me / About Me
« on: May 08, 2014, 07:43:22 PM »
This locked and pinned post is so people who like dim3 can check out the other things I'm doing.  A bit of self-promotion!

My band is Cerne Giant -- rock, with a little punk and metal.  Give us a like, tell your friends, buy and album, or stream the tunes from a streaming service.

Our Video:
Google Play Store:

I've got a comedy blog, mostly a lot of snark about old comics, weird pop culture references, and strange nudie or gore film from the 60s.

Parade of Horrorables:


And my free OS X/iOS game: Scruffy3D

Scruffy3D OS X:
Scruffy3D iOS:

If you like this free engine, please feel free to check out my other stuff.

dim3 Versions / dim3 v23 Release
« on: May 06, 2014, 03:35:34 PM »
Here's the brand new version of dim3.  A lot of stuff packed into this, mostly bug fixes and user requests.  I have a lot planned, and some bigger features people have been requesting coming down the line.  For now, this is the new stable version.  There's also an updated Data folder.  It's not something anybody needs unless they want a starter project.  Anybody already working on a project just needs the updated applications.


Code: [Select]
* removed older scripting API
* fixed a bug where choosers wouldn't use number keys properly
* can now turn meshes on/off on chooser
* input mode is settable on a map level (can be done outside scripts)
* fixed bug where static camera angles were off by 180
* fixed bug where top down controls were flipped
* ducking should now be part of weapon/model/barrel firing
* removing an object that is a vehicle auto-ejects any object inside it
* network broken connection/typing icons were drawing wrong
* fixed a bug where exiting auto without anything in there would cause a crash
* exiting a vehicle auto-stops the vehicle
* script based vehicle exiting always exits (no error throwing)
* exiting while hidden auto-exits at midpoint of vehicle
* fixed a bug where touching and object that was despawning could cause a crash
* hidden objects no longer play ambient sounds
* speed up saving games and slightly speed up loading maps

* updated GUI for saving/loading games
* updated GUI for single player map picking
* saved game screenshots are at a better resolution/size
* updated hosting/joining
* internet hosts aren't scaned until selected in the list

* fixed numerous bugs where script created/disposed object could break on events/chains/timers
* added iface.chooser
* iface.interface.chooserStart() still works, but iface.chooser.start() is prefered
* chooser clicks can now be marked as "no close", which they just run scripts but don't close chooser
* added event DIM3_EVENT_DISPOSE, sent to all scripts when an object is disposing and cleaning up
* errors that pop open the console no longer capture input (only opening the console by the console key does)

* fixed a bug where team kills would count as a kill
* engine would show remote names for objects that weren't remote players
* vehicles now exchange scores/teams with an object entering/exiting it
* scores/chats properly show players inside vehicles

* fixed a crashing bug when moving around maps with no meshes
* added left/right/up/down to possible chooser keys
* new auto generator (again!)
* auto generator view shows mesh/poly count
* audo generator turns off any shadow uv layers
* auto generator requires certain textures (will throw an error otherwise)
* map->camera settings allow you to setup input mode
* polygon hole punching preserves tangent spaces
* fixed a bug where goto map center would sometimes fail
* some menus weren't properly updating when switching from one view to the next

Have fun!  More updates coming!

[>] Brian

Forum Changes / The Great Purge
« on: May 06, 2014, 10:32:14 AM »
Has begun.

I'm releasing v23 today with a lot of new stuff, and this represents basically the second act for dim3, and an act where a lot of dim3 is no longer in flux.  Much of this forum, while containing some interesting stuff, is horribly out of date, or just contains posts with missing graphics (usually stuff deleted from websites or free photo services), or requests for features that have since been implemented or fixed, or tutorials that no longer represent the current work flow.

Therefore, the long history of this forum has gone the way of the dodo.  It's probably sad for some older hands that might find their way back here, but think of it more as a new dawn than a dark night. :)

[>] Brian

Registering For This Forum / How To Register
« on: January 02, 2013, 01:57:18 PM »
Send an email to bbarnes [put the at sign here]

There is no longer any open registration as I was getting 20-30 spam registrations a day.  I might ask you some questions and expect a reply, and your post will be moderated for a while.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

[>] Brian

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